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2 tags and 15 profiles in description#Repost @codybwalker ・・・ Our Sunday Car Show #inmemoryofpaul was a massive hit! Thank you all for coming out and suppporting Paul’s foundation @reachoutww . Thank you @4chrislee for your dedication and hard working team that made this a reality. When we met about 6 weeks ago I wasn’t sure we could pull this off in wrong I was. Thank you to my brother @seanlee768 and his @puristgroup for always having our back and guiding us through the entire process and connecting us to the best people in the industry. Thank you @redlinegaugeworks @jaylenosgarage @iamlizferrin @petrolgirl for joining us on such short notice and opening doors to make this such a huge success. Thank you to the sponsors @yokohamatire @garagegoals.official @movocash @alwaysevolving @teslamotors @stonefiregrill And a massive thank you to all of the incredible volunteers that worked their asses off! We could not have done this without all of YOU! Pdub is proud. Much love 🤙
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4 tags and 0 profile in descriptionSee you soon! In Memory of Paul Car Hangout starts at 10am! You can get your tickets at the gate! See you soon! 🚘 #inmemoryofpaulcarshow #inmemoryofpaulwalker #inmemoryofpaul #roww
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2 tags and 5 profiles in descriptionCar Hangout is today!! Here are some reminders...See you there! 😄😁🤩 #Repost @walkerholic70 ・・・ @feliciakwalker Getting excited for Sunday! #inmemoryofpaulcarshow @inmemoryofpaulcarshow @codybwalker @reachoutww
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6 tags and 0 profile in descriptionHere’s the 411 on how to get to In Memory of Paul parking, rules, etc... Let’s make this an amazing time! 🚘 See you in just 2 days!!🎉#inmemoryofpaul #inmemoryofpaulcarshow #collegeofthecanyons #carshow #carhangout #paulwalker
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16 tags and 6 profiles in description#Repost @codybwalkerfanpage ・・・ @codybwalker with his buddy @seanlee768 from @puristgroup talking about @inmemoryofpaulcarshow that goes down this Sunday! For those who missed the deadline it’s $10 at the door. All proceeds will go to @reachoutww So show up, be safe, support and have fun. #CodyWalker #CodyBWalker #CodyWalkerROWW #PuristGroup #InMemoryOfPaulCarShow #SantaClarita #CollegeOfTheCanyons #California #LA #PaulWalker #LosAngeles #Cars #CarShow #ReachOutWorldWide #ROWW
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Our pre-sale ticket period has ended...BUT you can still get your tickets when you arrive at the Car Hangout! Just $10. Bring your family & friends... See you Sunday, 10am - 3pm!
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Hello Friends! The organizers of In Memory of Paul would like to ask a huge favor. Can you help us out? The CHP and sheriff have strongly recommended that our amazing guests exit the 5 freeway onto McBean Parkway to help with the flow of traffic on Sunday for our event. Can you please do that for us? We’d appreciate it. YOU ROCK! 😄 🎉 Thanks! In Memory of Paul Team 👍🏼
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5 tags and 3 profiles in description#Repost @jaylenosgarage ・・・ Paul Walker’s brother @codybwalker stops by with a 93’ Supra to reflect on cars, family, and the upcoming @inmemoryofpaulcarshow May 20th 👍🏾🙏🏽📺📺 #toyotasupra #paulwalker #inmemoryofpaulwalker #jaylenosgarage
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5 tags and 5 profiles in description#Repost @codybwalker ・・・ Excited to announce @yokohamatire as this year’s In Memory of Paul Title Sponsor! Thank you for jumping on board, and we look forward to an awesome show next Sunday. Hope to see you all there! #yokohama #inmemoryofpaul #roww @reachoutww @caleb_walker_77 @inmemoryofpaulcarshow #happymothersday
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3 tags and 3 profiles in description#Repost @supercarblondie ・・・ Join me this Sunday May 20 for an awesome Car show!! 😱😱It’s in memory of 🖤@paulwalker 🖤 at College of the Canyons in LA between 10am-3pm. Check it out here 👉👉@inmemoryofpaulcarshow . #inmemoryofpaul #inmemoryofpaulcarshow
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5 tags and 3 profiles in description#Repost @jaylenosgarage ・・・ Talking family, JDM, and a charity car show with @codybwalker Coming Monday on Youtube 📺📺📺 @inmemoryofpaulcarshow #codywalker #jdm #jaylenosgarage #inmemoryofpaulwalker
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1 tag and 2 profiles in description#Repost @codybwalker ・・・ Stoked to have @garagegoals.official on board for our first In Memory of Paul car show! Looking forward to May 20th! Link in bio
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