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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionThank you for a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration @partlymooney and Thom! Picking out beautiful plants for our garden and exploring a terrific antique market with my guys makes for a perfect day!!! 🌷✨🌸✨🐇✨🌸✨🌷
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Just desserts..diner style! 🍎🎂🍎🎂🍎🎂
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionA great start to a beautiful weekend at Crafts at Lyndhurst with @artridercrafts !!!🌷🌳 An image of some of my intricate, Victorian inspired necklaces!
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionLooking forward to showing my work at the excellent Crafts at Lyndhurst show May 4-6 with @artridercrafts ! Featuring the work of 300 artists and artisans, this show is situated in a beautiful arboretum complete with Hudson River views and a Gothic castle!!! ✨💙✨💜✨
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Busy like a 🐝!!!
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The ambience and magic of a (hopefully) temporary loss of electricity!⚡️❄️✨🐇✨❄️⚡️
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Second day of spring....❄️❄️
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❄️❄️snow day❄️❄️
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0 tag and 2 profiles in descriptionHaving a great show in Morristown this weekend with @artridercrafts and really enjoying my @ladyasterfield ascot that I got at the show!!!✨💎✨
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0 tag and 2 profiles in descriptionCraftMorristown this weekend!!! Reposting this great image taken by @ladyasterfield wearing her finestradesign ring. The next image is me wearing one of her stylish super cool ascots!!! We are both showing our work with @artridercrafts and over 150 artists in Morristown NJ!✨💎⚔️
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionThank you to my Love ❤️ @partlymooney for the wonderful 18th century reproduction romantic playing cards by John Lenthall, c.1720
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In the studio getting ready for my upcoming shows. Here is some of the work in progress on my bench today!
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