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Happy st Patrick's day coming from the beautiful sunset from a few nights ago #sobeautiful #oneandonly #HBliving #walkingonadream
Giving shade somebody is your sunshine 🌞 #walkingonadream
The next part of life reflection
So beautiful❤forever and always you'll be on my mind ~❤~
We took a lil hike today
Just walking on those clouds #neverknowwhatscoming
67 days till I'm 20 where did time go like for real its crazy to think about its crazy what I've been through these past years been through alot
Happy Valentine's baby girl i need you the most right now ❤
This kid is the funnest weirdest lil shit head out there I can't believe he is 4 this kid is differently one of a kind idk where he gets his weirdness from but I guess its in the genes hahahaha happy birthday lil man wheres does the time go #kultonjames
Once in a Blue Moon #HBDreaming #cloudporn
Sunsets out on the water
She's a cinema
Watch her for a life time
My Angel is always looking down on me 09/09/1999 01/21/2018 Emma Grace Johnson ❤
She was the most perfect gift that I got out of no where you are the strongest girl I know your up there in a whole new world your not sick baby girl you can live you can laugh with no fear by your side I just need to hear that lil goofy laugh of yours again RestInParadise Princess ~Emma Grace Johnson~ I love you forever and always
I still can't believe ur really gone it does not feel real you were soo strong the strongest girl I knew your not sick no more your in no fear I Love You baby girl forever and always Rest In Paradise PRINCESS Emma Grace Johnson❤
Its that Eruption #goodvibes #volcanofun #veiwsfordays
from Mt Hood
Those dope spots at Stillwater cove #ontheroadstill
I got too drive over this one bridge #intheair #illusion
Party don't stop until the aliens fights the robots #roadtrip