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I just got gifted this huge koele. Bumbucha size opihi from Hawaii island. Mahalo bradda shem cavasso for making this for me.
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Fathers day is everyday, and I don't really celebrate anyway but I'll say happy day to my dad. Still get um, Hammah!
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Fun morning with waimanalo canoe club. Hammahs boys 12s 1st 3 weeks in a row, good job nui boy.
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Mahalo uncle Alex for repairing my paddle.
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Easy dinner, Kailua pig for days.
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Congrats to waimanalo boys 12s first place 2 weeks in a row, my boy nui loves to paddle. Kailua race, we only come here once a year its so beutiful no wonder it's overrun by tourists everyday.
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I woke up this morning and my dad is still here. He spent all afternoon and night stuck in the plane on its way to Tahiti, 2 times false start never take off. So he's telling Me the horror story. Got a voucher for taxi to come home.
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Happy 70th uncle B, aka my blue eye adopted fadda. Lol
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Waimanalo canoe club boys 12s. They look like they paddled their hardest. Took 1st place, my son nui boy in seat 3.
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Last night while all the adults were working, and enjoying kamos grad party. Game room Kid house party. I walked in the door like whoa uncle needs to take a picture of this. Lol
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First race of the year for these hammahs! Congrats to the waimanalo boys 12s first time first place, cheehoo.
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My nefew kamohaiki's graduation.
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