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Even when it’s cold and windy, nothing beats the beach. ❄️
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When you tell your dog to get off the sofa and he says “you’re not the king of me.”
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I still can’t go a single bath time without doing a soap hawk.
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1 tag and 2 profiles in descriptionNot even getting out of bed until @Netflix releases @queereye season 2. Even then, I’m not getting out of bed. #netflixandchill
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2 tags and 0 profile in descriptionThis is why you take him swimming on the first date. #derp #stillcutetho
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1 tag and 1 profile in descriptionWhen your tinder date looks nothing like his profile pic. Quick, someone call @nevschulman ! #waityourenotamodel
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I almost don’t believe that it’s officially winter! 👏🏻 ☀️
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When you’ve seen some shit and you can’t unsee them. Like your dad walking around in his white briefs that are two sizes too small 😖
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Current mood: exhausted but still fabulous because you just can’t turn that off.
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When you’re a unicorn but your farts definitely don’t taste like sherbet.
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When you heard the bath running and you thought it wasn’t for you but it was for you.
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