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When your 50/50 tickets form a star on their’s a good sign right?
Tuukka #opusdailypractice #betterlatethannever #dog #watercolour
After a hiatus, my #bookoftrees is back! This one makes me happy. It was a good paint #watercolour #ink ❤️
Why won’t the woofie play with me? #petslife #blossomingfriendship #golfisforsundays
No.13. Fruit. #opusdailypractice
No.11. Loose. Nice, easy, relaxed and shimmering 😄#opusdailypractice
No.10. ‘Nest’. #opusdailypractice
No.9. My ‘Strength’ is trust. (H Hesse). #opusdailypractice Yay, I got to paint a tree!!
No. 8. “Light”. The morning light holds promise. #opusdailypractice
No.7. Element. We’re all elements of greater communities. #opusdailypractice
Love us a great puzzle!! Bittersweet when we are done tho!
No.6. Can you guess? Bubbles #opusdailypractice
No. 5. #opusdailypractice It’s supposed to be ‘zip’, but all that kept appearing was this face. So I “zipped” through the drawing? She looks annoyed like someone told her to ‘Zip’ it. A stretch? Perhaps. 😄
No. 4. Freeze. #opusdailypractice
Shift. No. 3 #opusdailypractice Bits of shimmer all over, but no glitter!
2 Process #opusdailypractice This challenge is getting my various supplies out! Forgot how much I love texture, inks, stamps, acrylic, and pen!
Day 1. Flow. #opusdailypractice
Crocheting with Cat. Sniper like attack event for Ms. PamPam 😂 This project may take longer than I expected
Art Cat. She just must be on my desk if I am trying to do art or tidy up. It’s sweet but...
Received this BEAUTIFUL card from @skleryka and @bushbyrobert So pretty Andrea!! And the little star too!! Thanks!
Time to put the reindeer away ☹️ #cleanupchristmas #byebyedecoration