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4 tags and 2 profiles in description#Repost @nealfingtiemann with @get_repost ・・・ We’re gearing up for the release of “Outlaws ‘Til The End Vol. 1” two weeks from today! I signed a box of these. Go getcher pre-order! #devildriver #outlawstiltheend #nealfingtiemann
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0 tag and 1 profile in description@indiemerchstore /DevilDriver for bundles
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1 tag and 0 profile in descriptionGo And .... #unfuckyourself
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2 tags and 1 profile in descriptionOnly weeks to go so get your pre order in now and support @devildriver Link in Bio to bundles and vinyl and so much more ! #DevilDriver #OutlawsTilTheEnd
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Do - You -
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1 tag and 0 profile in description“Never”.... #gotti
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15 tags and 3 profiles in description#Repost @napalmrecordsofficial with @get_repost ・・・ What was it like, recording at The #CashCabin ? Check out the new @devildriver video interview to learn more about that - link in bio! • #OutlawsTilTheEnd - out July 6! • • • #Devildriver #DezFafara #JohnCashCarter #JohnnyCash #RandyBlythe #LambOfGod #OutlawCountry #countrycover #groovemetal #metalcover #NapalmRecords #TheOraclemgmt
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1 tag and 10 profiles in description#Repost @revolvermag with @get_repost ・・・ @lambofgod ’s @drandallblythe and @devildriver ’s @dezfafara have been surfing together for years. We traveled with the pair out to Malibu, CA where the two caught some waves, talked about life and how surfing is more than just a sport. See the full video, link in bio @drandallblythe @zingersrh @makuarothman @suncultsurfofficial
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0 tag and 2 profiles in descriptionWatch @drandallblythe and I talk , surf , being bros and life ! Link in bio @devildriver
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1 tag and 0 profile in descriptionCalifornia Poppy #OffTourFlowers I cant make this shit up look at the color FYI fav flower my home state poppy
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1 tag and 0 profile in descriptionAll for me in my yard because I’m not on tour right now ..... #SomewhereTheresAMusicianOnTourThatWantsToGoHome
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5 tags and 3 profiles in descriptionLink in bio ! GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY FEATURING @drandallblythe @williamoverton @anacristinacash #blythe #Fafara #Cash #DevilDriver #outlawstiltheend TAG A DD fan and let me know what you think here !”
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