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Wallace Robert Anker - thanks sharing the mountains with your spouse and four kids. We love you! 📷 :: dad on the right, mom on the left.
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionHarrison Park, Beaverhead County, Montana. Late spring hike with @jenniloweanker .
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Harrison Park, Beaverhead County, Montana. Verdant meadow and cloudscape.
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Harrison Park, Beaverhead County, Montana. Wild flowers and clouds.
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2 tags and 1 profile in description@getjackblack Intense Therapy Lip Balm has been a trusted product for the past 12 years. It’s in the top lid of my pack, regardless of the season. The spf 25 emollient balm comes in a 7 gram tube that is impervious to washing machines or getting smushed in a pack. With a variety of flavors - pomegranate, mango & mandarin, grapefruit & ginger - the Lip Balm takes care of your lips, nose, and finger tips. It’s the go to salve for the urban jungle and the wild unknown. Jack Black also offers a full line of men’s grooming products, should you be wondering what might make a nice Father’s Day gift. #producttradeforpost #quality
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0 tag and 3 profiles in description@landonbassett and I never had the deep conversation about what is on the other side. The door of life that is. He was well aware of the fire we play with and would chuckle each time I experienced a near miss. Landon was the paradigm of health and cool. From our two trips to Nepal we enjoyed a connection that went beyond our work @thenorthface . Seven months ago Landon was diagnosed with cancer. The onset was quick and lethal, with cancer taking Landon’s life. Over the seven months he battled cancer we kept in touch. When he posted a photo of a super snazzy watch he purchased, one he had always dreamed of, I replied “No time like the present”. He replied back, “No present like time.” ⌚️ With empathy and compassion for his parents, family and loved ones. Missing you Landon. Portrait by @_claytonboyd_
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1 tag and 1 profile in descriptionIt’s #worldoceanday today. Give thanks for the seven seas and the mysteries they hold. From food to the tides we all have a connection to the oceans of the world. Oceans are integral to the health of the planet. Let’s treat the saline water accordingly. 🌊🐋🐳🐬🐟🐠🐙🦑🦐🦀🐡🌊 Kudos to @sea_legacy for raising awareness.
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1 tag and 4 profiles in descriptionHi Everyone! This is Adam @siswalabahlabah from Malaysia. Last month we met twice on the Everest Base Camp trail, once near the village of Tok Tok and this time near Dugla, close to Base Camp. Along with one buddy from Malaysia 🇲🇾 and Tenzing from Nepal 🇳🇵, Adam crawled (his description) to base camp. He was happy to see the land, meet people and perhaps get nose to nose with a few yaks. He and his friends at their local climbing club in Malaysia had watched @merufilm and were motivated by the obstacles that @renan_ozturk @jimmy_chin and myself had to overcome. (Insert humble emoji) From my view Adam’s amazing endeavor was way more legit. ••• Thanks Adam and happy trails! #♿️💪🏽
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2 tags and 2 profiles in descriptionNo Big Deal. Third Class the Capitan. Reset the speed record for the Nose. What’s next @alexhonnold ? Congratulations to @tommycaldwell and Alex for the incredible achievement. You are aware that to make it to #bannisterlevel you’ll need to clock 1:59. 😉 #🏞🐒
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The May full moon is to Native American culture the “Flower Moon”, named for the preponderance of blooming plants during this month. Half a world away the May full moon signifies birth, enlightenment and death. 🌕🌕🌕 The full moon, before the advent of reliable headlamps, was the working man’s flashlight. Having the moon illuminate the mountain makes for quick and safe passage. This year the moon lands on the 65th anniversary of the human ascent of Everest. What for centuries seemed unattainable became an aspirational goal for humans. While the canvases of the mountains have been mapped, the meaning of exploration and self actualization are still ever present. Leave the map behind, climb into the clouds and let the moon be your guide. You’ll never know what lies above unless you try.
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2 tags and 3 profiles in description@maksrlland @stacyabare & #litteyeti Family time @mountainfilm ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks Stacy for your service. #adventurenotwar
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3 tags and 1 profile in descriptionChild. Staff. Sunset. Something about this combination says migration. Perhaps it is the staff that reminds us of following & then herding animals. The setting sun brings to mind bundling up for the night and keeping safe from predators. And the child. They are our best and they are the future. This weekend the @mountainfilm community invited me to be the guest festival director for the 40th anniversary gathering. The topic of this year: migration. Films and seminars on annual animal migrations to war / political / climate induced human population movement. Migration is an essential aspect of being human and the majority of it is positive. It’s been wonderful to meet friends, strike up new conversations and think about ways in which we can improve the human condition. #🏔🎥 Mountain Film uses the power of film, art and ideas to create a better world. #mountainfilm #mfilm18
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