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Lacto fermented Kimchi, new batch started today. #okanaganfermenter
A Table Asked for Beef Carpaccio we quickly came up with malbec mustard, fried capers, shaved parm, shaved air dried egg yolk a la Hamzah, and crispy potato gaufrette, malbec drizzle.
New $25 3 Course Menu with wine Barrel Smoked Ribs. Vegan 3 Course Starts Saturday .
round two
Local Organic Serrano Hot Sauce
Finally done and worth the wait. Hot Sauce on Everything!
5 Course Tasting Menu $35 Wine Pairing $20 #dinearoundthompsonok #morainewinery #8thgenerationwinery #inniskillin #nobleridgewinery
$35 Sharing Menu paired with local favs!
New Year’s was all about Lamb.
Van Weston Cherries for the duck demi.
New Year’s Eve Menu! Paired with my Favorite local wines! #8thgenerationwinery #liquiditywine #morainewinery #inniskillin #rochewines
Butter Tarts are out of the oven for dessert tonight.
Christmas Lamb Chops
Happy Birthday Yanti!
Christmas Charcuterie
Ahi Tuna @ Red Rooster Winery. Merry Christmas
Cheese Day, thanks les amis du fromage!
Gluten Free Black Forest Birthday Cake. Naramata Bench Van Weston Cherries.
French Macarons not macaroons... tant pour tant!
Rosemary Christmas Barrel Smoked Bacon.
A wood pigeon in every pot...