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2 tags and 1 profile in descriptionWould you rather be a mermaid or a unicorn? I don't want to choose, but if I had to, today I pick mermaid. Have been loving discovering new dive spots on Lombok. There are some gorgeous corals and no other divers around! Love this island. I'm sporting the new @pacsafeofficial dry 25L anti-theft backpack which I'm so happy they've come out with because no other bags combine both technologies and I've been wanting to find one for so long! #SAFETRAVELS #ad
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Let’s talk about daily meditation 🧘‍♀️ : do you do it? I started a daily practice and stuck to it pretty well when I was in Berlin in the fall, but on the road I always seem to come up with excuses. I have to get up too early, I’m fine as-is, or I’ll feel like checking my phone instead. It helps me to do it right when I wake up, or to remember that it’s possible in any moment by just being in the now and noticing the sounds, what I’m seeing, and ignoring my mind’s endless dialogue for a moment. It doesn’t have to be somewhere beautiful, even the train works. It helps me get that extra minute or two. What helps you?
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2 tags and 1 profile in descriptionI realized the other day that the law of diminishing returns doesn’t apply to sunsets. It doesn’t matter how many I’ve seen, my enthusiasm for them never wanes. Maybe it’s in the not knowing how it will unfold. It could be spectacular and freeze that moment in time. I can remember my top ten sunsets so well - the place, the feeling, the emotion. Lombok is where I experienced one of the best. Naturally I came back to see if history would repeat itself in one of my favorite spots, with one of my favorite bags, the Venturesafe X anti-theft sling pack - now in purple - one of my favorite colors 💜 @pacsafeofficial has been with me from the beginning. I loved their theft-proof features then and I still do now! #safetravels #ad
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionI just don’t think we should stop with the theme of crystal clear glacial water with unbelievable hues on this feed quite yet. ⛰ if you agree, 🏖 if you don’t, because we could go in that direction too! 📸: @dudarfst
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionThe sweet, sweet victory of not paying for a long-haul flight for almost 2 years now. I asked on Insta stories if you guys wanted to know how and the overwhelming response was YAS (duh). I’m not doing anything special that isn’t available to those who don’t travel all the time. It’s called travel hacking and at first I thought it would be super involved and complicated but my method is pretty darn simple. Click the link in the bio for my tips! 📸: @ilovethewayyouheal
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“At the end of the day, it isn’t where I came from. Maybe home is somewhere I’m going and never have been before.” ― Warsan Shire
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Every time I land my drone without crashing it, when I learn a new trick in pole fitness class, when I choose my bike over the train, when I offer the seat next to me to someone I don’t know and they react with joy because they feel welcomed and seen, when I choose the option with more veggies, these are the things that make me feel strong 💪 what are the things that made you feel a little more badass this week?
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2 tags and 0 profile in descriptionThank you, Universe, for continuously proving that solo traveling is rarely lonely. I geared up for the 4-day Santa Cruz hike to do it alone. I had all of my gear, food, and a map in tow, boarded a collectivo taxi at 5am and got ready for the highest elevation backpacking adventure I’d ever done. On day one I met an amazing fellow solo hiker who’d been reading my Patagonia itineraries and had just been using them in Chile. How small is the world? We spent the next few days hiking together, and she took this picture of me at my favorite part of the trek. Watch the video of the whole experience, including almost running off the road on the icy roads in the collectivo, at the link in my bio! #peru #discoversouthamerica
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2 tags and 0 profile in descriptionThe mountains are calling, and I must go #discoversouthamerica #peru
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1 tag and 0 profile in descriptionSpeechless. Peru has SO MUCH to see and do that after a month I feel like I hardly scratched the surface. I can’t wait to come back again and again. This is the incredible Laguna 69 sitting at 4600 meters in elevation (15k feet). Click the link in my bio to watch the video and drone footage of the hike and lake! #discoversouthamerica
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After nearly six years of perpetual movement, thousands of sunrises and sunsets, some solo and some with souls met along the journey, which are the best places I’ve ever been from Asia to Africa, South America, and spaces in between? Click the link in my bio for the top 10, and please, tell me your favorites here. I love adding to the ever-growing list.
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This is the day I reached a new height. I embarked on a solo 4 day backpacking hike at over 4K meters without a guide or anyone but me. I worried it might be stupid or that I couldn’t do it, but I surprised myself and climbed that pass without struggle. Certainly there are some days when I’m not this girl. When I just want to pull the covers over my head and pretend I’m invisible. I know that for everyone, each day can feel like waging a battle or playing a joyful game, or sometimes both at the same time. What takes immense courage from one person may seem easy to another and we each have our own personal journeys and limits. One thing I do know is that the universe answers to courage. What once seemed impossible can become your new norm, like traveling alone, hiking in the wilderness unassisted, or even just opening your front door and stepping into the light when you really don’t want to. What did you think you could never do, only to surprise yourself? Nothing is too small!
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