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4 tags and 2 profiles in description"Met this #arcticfox in the innermost part of Hesteyrarfjörður three days ago, during my third trip with @auroraarktika . Most likely a pregnant female.ö #iceland #westfjords #jökulfirðir . repost from @rebekkagudleifs
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0 tag and 1 profile in description"Headed back to the boat". Riding down to Hlöðuvík. Repost from @andrew_miller
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0 tag and 2 profiles in descriptionCan we fit through there? Arktika negotiating some tight spots in east Greenland. Photo by @kelvintrautman on a running trip with @ingafann
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionNice view! Photo @haukursigurdsson
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3 tags and 7 profiles in description"It was mostly like this in #iceland ". Yes indeed, this is how it can also be in Hornstrandir! @aspenexpeditions @g3gear @thenorthface_snow @sunny_sam @jodiarichard @barnhartpaul #powder #sailski Repost from @amoswhiting
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionNo shortage of "interesting" weather in Hornstrandir this season. The people who join us for our skiing trips are true expeditioners who enjoy exploring this fantastic area no matter what the weather throws at us. Horizontal rain, blowing snow, icy mountains... this all make for so much more exciting stories to tell around the dinner table in the warm and cozy cabin in the evening. And yes, we also do like the calm and sunny days. Photo by @haukursigurdsson
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11 tags and 4 profiles in descriptionSo where should we run today? Map reading before heading out to the nature reserve with @auroraarktika @ingafann @robkrar Photo by @kelvintrautman #trailrunning #adventure #sailboat #landscape #nature #outdoors #mountains #myplayground #timetoplay #instarunners #iceland
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3 tags and 2 profiles in descriptionThe Land of Golden Corn and Midnight Sun. Spring riding in the West Fjords by boat is a one of a kind shred experiance. 📷: @andrew_miller // #trackedtuesday #horizonliners #joneshovercraftsplit : repost from @jonessnowboards
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionRepost from @chrisburkard After hiking 23 km over a Fjord in Greenland, the Arktika was a welcome sight. Arktika is a Dutch built ketch-rigged oceangoing sailingyacht that is fully equipped and certified to sail around the world. The hull shape is directly derived from the famous Colin Archer which is known for good sailing characteristics in northern waters. I’ve learned a lot about this boat during the weeks I’ve spent living on it. I don’t consider myself much of a sailor or even a seaworthy person at heart but I’m always happy to call this home.
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5 tags and 3 profiles in descriptionPotentially could have been my most expensive swim #aurora #splitboarding #sup #highrisk #noreward 📷: @vidarkri @auroraarktika : repost from @chrisdunn_
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27 tags and 6 profiles in descriptionRepost from @keelyscamp We experienced every type of weather this week, rain, relentless wind, whiteouts, sleet, and snow. We had half our camp seasick blowing chunks off the side of the ship and then skiing moments later. The girls were resilient, positive, and so tough. We decided as a team that no matter the weather we were going out to play. On the last day Iceland gave us pristine weather and made everything we pushed through during our week that much better. Here are the girls on the bootpack. @blizzardskis @tecnicaskiboots @stiomountain @auroraarktika 📸: @lindsaymann17 . . . . . . . . . . #travel #adventure #exploremore #skiingisfun #wanderlust #adventuregram #instatravel #letsgosomewhere #instagood #ttot #liveoutside #love #adventuretime #mountainlife #mountains #gotothesnow #endlesswinter #life #action #fun #travelphotography #backcountryskiing #iceland #lettheoutsidein #blizzardskis #crazyweather #goplayoutside
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0 tag and 4 profiles in descriptionRepost from @roam There are easier ways to wake yourself up in the morning... but that’s not really the point now is it. @ritonkulous aboard the @auroraarktika in remote Greenland. I’ve had many journeys on this boat in the last few years and every one has left me hungry for more.⠀ ⠀ Photo and caption by @chrisburkard . Would you dive in?
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