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Finish • • • CMF rendering 🐒
Color • • • CMF rendering
Material • • • CMF rendering w/ @adskfusion360
On the verge of discovery / late night machining @ the lab ii
Night Shift / late night machining @ the lab
She has sensed the preparation of brunch foods
Today might have changed my position on the longevity of humanity... • Watching kids about as tall as my waist present viable solutions to tomorrow’s complex problems, most of who were young girls, left me more inspired and just freakin psyched than any event I’ve been to. Future generations are going places... (literally. like probably mars or trappist system). #stem #stemeducation #girlsinstem #babygenious
So I’m a space dweeb that wanted to be an astronaut and whenever I need a t.o. from real life I watch nasa’s earth viewing experiment from the ISS. It’s live 24/7 so if ever you’re in need of a little perspective or you’re just kind of an earth-perv (which is fine), then this link is for you: 👨🏻‍🚀
hydrogel research | essentially playing with gak™️ as an adult but this time I’m supposed to get it everywhere... which is nice
Super pleased with myself bc this is the cleanest my desk has ever been 🤗... (not pictured: the other half) #nsfw
Check. It. Out. 👉🏻: I broke out a telescope I built and 'fashioned' (i.e. lots of duct tape) it to my dslr and snapped the smokey sunset. With some polarizers and the smoke filtering out some light you can see what looks like lens shmutz but are actually sun spots, which is cool (arguably dope). Neat fact, those very sun spots are actually like twice the diameter of the very planet you're currently standing on #nerd #nerdy #nerdery #nerds #nerdnotes #thesun
Not to add fuel to any burning fire 🤗, but the EPA has quietly removed decades of environmental and climate data collected by NASA and NOAA from its public servers under direct order from the current administration. This is censorship and poses an immediate problem to people like me trying to research and prepare reports for people like you who need access to accurate analysis to base positions and belief systems on. Without access to this data, it becomes very difficult to substantiate new ideas and otherwise improve technologies and methodologies for living in such a way that extends livability beyond the next twenty (20) years. This is speculation at this point, but I imagine that certain people who wish to capitalize today and don't care about tomorrow have a vested interest in keeping you/me/everyone else uninformed. In other words, you are literally being robbed of your future generations wellbeing. With that, I hope it's okay to borrow the adage, "if you're not outraged you're not paying attention." - - #censorship #epa #climatechange #wtfisthis #aintnobodygottimeforthat
prototype phase is my favorite phase | #design #prototype #concept #3dprinting #snacks
Brainstorming assembly design for concept crutches using repurposed artificial hips #medicaldesign #id #medicaldevice #design #productdesign #designprocess #healthcare
The line between work and free time should be barely noticeable 🙏🏻
Today is this little tater-tots 6th birthday. She's lost 7 lbs, is totally feelin' herself and is accepting gifts in the form of tennis balls, snacks or cash.
Siya Kyoto ✌🏻⛩
from 千寿
Off the beaten path in Tokyo
Sea Monsters | 👹👺
Hanalei Bay | where chickens outnumber people 30:1 🏃🏻🐓
Wash cold | tumble dry